Sixth Form

Thank you for taking the time to think about life after Year 11. Our Sixth Form offers the chance to progress and build upon successes at Key Stage 4. We aim to offer a wide variety of courses which meet the needs of our young people, and give them the support and opportunities that they need in order to achieve the highest standards possible. We know that our young people will progress along a wide range of paths including apprenticeships, university courses and ultimately into the world of work. We want to make sure that our Sixth Form students are equipped to meet these challenges and be in a position to favourably compete with students from other schools and colleges. The most important decision is whether or not Joseph Swan Academy Sixth Form is the right choice.

  • Do you want to be taught by subject specialists with years of experience?
  • Do you want a Sixth Form environment that is dedicated to providing you with the support and mentoring that you need to get the most from your studies?
  • Do you want to be taught by teachers who know you, know how to get the best out of you and will push you on?

If the answer is YES then Joseph Swan Sixth Form is the place for you.

The Wider Sixth Form Experience and Responsibility

Competition for jobs and university places is increasing each year. For this reason, students in our Sixth Form are encouraged to undertake a range of additional experiences that will help them develop the skills that they need to compete successfully against other young people. These opportunities include the Extended Project, work experience, charity fund-raising and voluntary work such as coaching in a number of different subject areas. We also encourage our students to take responsibility around the Academy in a variety of ways.

What else do we provide for our Sixth Form students?

  • A Sixth Form Centre separate from the main Academy
  • A dedicated Study Centre with ICT facilities
  • A high-quality guidance and mentoring system provided by both teaching and associate staff
  • A dedicated Common Room

Student Welfare

We have a dedicated Sixth Form Team. We are proud of our reputation as a caring Academy and want all of our students to be successful. To that end, Year 12 and Year 13 are divided into tutor groups and students are required to maintain contact with their tutor on a regular basis. The tutor is responsible for monitoring attendance, punctuality, achievement and the general well-being of the students in their care; therefore they are the first point of contact for both students and parents/carers.

Academic Monitoring

Our Sixth Form students are expected to track their own progress continually throughout their course, with the help of their teachers and tutor. Student progress is monitored by the Academy each half-term with regular feedback to both students and parents/carers. Students who need additional support will have access to a Supported Study programme.

If you have any questions, or there is anything you feel unsure about, please speak to a member of our Sixth Form Team, who will be happy to answer your questions or offer advice