Remembrance Respect Day

Yesterday, we began our Remembrance Day commemorations by hosting the Colours of Remembrance and the Run for Remembrance (in which the students very successfully surpassed the 2,500 km target!). These were both excellent ways of raising both money and awareness at this very important time of year.

Today, we begin the second day of our Remembrance, with many activities spanning across the course of the day. We are delighted to be joined by many amazing guests such as tour guides from Beamish Museum and serving members of the armed forces. It is a brilliant opportunity for students to be able to speak and interact with these guests and have a true perspective of different aspects of service today as well as an understanding of the nature of lives of both civilians, and those in service, in the past.

Regrettably, we often find ourselves getting so caught up in everyday life that it’s possible to forget the true meaning and significance of Remembrance Day.This is why, as we do every year, we have the Academy’s Remembrance service, the predominant part of all our Remembrance commemorations. This is lead by Miss Scott. This is always an emotive service and presents the perfect occasion for us all to truly reflect and honour all those fallen soldiers from past wars, and those still serving today. All members of the Academy also receive a wooden Remembrance cross, which they can dedicate to someone personal to them. The cross is then planted at the end of the Remembrance service in our memorial area within the Academy grounds, as a sign of respect. Respect is the principal reason why Remembrance Day is so widely honoured and here at Joseph Swan Academy; it is our main ambition to pay tribute on this momentous occasion of the Centenary of the Armistice of The Great War.

At the end of this afternoon we will come together as a whole academy to hold our official period of silence together, on The Street (the central area of the Academy).

It is sure to be a fantastic but also deeply emotional day for both staff and students, just as it is every year.

“Forever lost, forever changed. We care, so we remember.”

Written by Rosie
Edited by Faith.