The Purple Poppy

Generally, Remembrance Day is focused on the commemoration of those who lost their lives fighting on behalf of their country in all wars, past and present. The Red Poppy has become the renowned symbol of our respect to fallen soldiers, however, the impact on the lives of animals is often overlooked.

In 2006, the ‘Purple Poppy’ was designed in order to encourage us to remember the animals who have been victims of war. The animals that did not give their lives willingly to be of service for humans; rather their lives were taken from them.

During the First World War alone, around 8 million horses and donkeys this was in addition to the millions of dogs, cats, pigeons, elephants, oxen, camels and canaries (!) who also died as a result of war.

Those who choose to wear the purple poppy do so to remember these deaths, just as the symbol of the red poppy is used as an image of honor and remembrance of lost human lives.

Written by Emily, Edited by Faith.